As the data controller, within the scope of KVKK, your personal data that we have requested or shared with us can be recorded, stored, preserved, reorganized, shared with the institutions that are legally authorized to request this personal data, and under the conditions stipulated by the KVKK, domestic or foreign third parties. We inform you that your personal data can be transferred, transferred, classified and processed in other ways and methods listed in the KVKK, and that your personal data can be destroyed, deleted or anonymized and destroyed if the conditions written in the KVKK and Disposal Policy are fulfilled.



Identity Data Name, surname
Contact Data Phone number, e-mail address, internal company contact information
Customer Transaction Data Records of the use of products and services, instructions and requests of the customer necessary for the use of products and services, etc. informations.
Transaction security Data Website login-exit information (usernames, passwords, etc.), IP address information, data we obtain through the cookies we use,


Other Personal data provided to us by other third parties may be processed.




Your personal data is processed in accordance with the conditions regarding the processing of personal data specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Personal Data Protection Law. Your personal data, in particular for the purpose of providing and developing the products or services offered to you, providing you with rights and benefits in accordance with the activities developed in relation to the use of products and services, maintaining and developing internal activities, conducting business relations with you, etc. can be processed in direct proportion to the purposes.


Execution, control, improvement of business processes,

Communication activities,

Customer relationship management,

Management of relations with third parties

Execution of purchasing, production and operation processes of goods and services

Execution of information security processes




To the extent that your personal data is necessary for the purposes stated below within the framework of the Company’s administration and management and financial operations, it is clearly stipulated in the laws within the scope of Article 5/2(a) of the KVKK, and the establishment of a contract as stipulated in Article 5/2(c) of the KVKK or being directly related to its performance, your personal data being made public by you within the scope of Article 5/2(d) of the KVKK, the data processing being mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right within the scope of Article 5/2(e) of the KVKK or KVKK Pursuant to Article 5/2(f) of the .


Your personal data is collected by you via electronic media or by various means such as information and request forms on the website of the Company.




Your personal data, in line with the above-mentioned purposes, by the Company; We inform the Company employees, officers, group companies (the Company and/or its business partners, shareholders), legally authorized public institutions and organizations, business partners and service providers that the Company receives or works with for the execution of services and/or activities to be provided by us.


Your personal data may be transferred abroad by the company in accordance with the principles of Article 4/2 of the KVKK, in the presence of explicit consent, in accordance with Article 9 of the law, without explicit consent, in the presence of the conditions set forth in Article 5/2 of the law and Article 6/3 of the law.




In accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK, regarding your personal data, provided that you prove your identity to the Company;


To learn whether the Company processes your personal data, if so, to request information about it,

To learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose,

You have the right to learn whether your personal data is transferred domestically or abroad and to whom.

You have the right to request the company to correct your inaccurate and incomplete personal data and to inform the recipients to whom your data has been or may have been transferred.


You can request the destruction (deletion, destruction or anonymization) of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the KVKK. You can request that the third parties to whom your data has been or may be transferred be informed about your destruction request. Your destruction request will be examined and we will evaluate which method of destruction is appropriate according to the circumstances of the concrete case. In this context, you have the right to request information regarding the destruction method we have chosen.


You may object to the results of your personal data analysis, created exclusively using an automated system, if these results are contrary to your interests.


If you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data, you can request the removal of the damage.


The person concerned, within the scope of their rights specified in Article 11 of the Law, can submit their requests in writing or by using the registered e-mail (KEP) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or the e-mail address previously notified to the data controller by the data controller and registered in the data controller’s system. or through a software or application developed for the purpose of application, to the data controller. In the application; a) Name, surname and signature if the application is in writing, b) T.R. for citizens of the Republic of Turkey. identification number, nationality for foreigners, passport number or identification number, if any, c) Domicile or workplace address for notification, ç) E-mail address, telephone and fax number, if any, subject to notification, d) Subject of request, must be present. Information and documents related to the subject are attached to the application.


If the application of the person concerned is to be answered in writing, up to ten pages will not be charged. A transaction fee of 1 Turkish Lira may be charged for each page over ten pages. If the response to the application is given in a recording medium such as a CD or flash memory, the fee that may be requested by the data controller cannot exceed the cost of the recording medium.


The data controller may request information from the data subject in order to determine whether the applicant is the owner of personal data. In order to clarify the issues stated in the application, the person may ask questions about his/her application.

This Clarification Text may be revised by our Company when deemed necessary. In case of revision, you will be informed about this issue.


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